The FLOSSMetrics project

FLOSSMetrics stands for Free/Libre Open Source Software Metrics.

The main objective of FLOSSMETRICS is to construct, publish and analyse a large scale database with information and metrics about libre software development coming from several thousands of software projects, using existing methodologies, and tools already developed.

FLOSSMetrics is providing access to dumps of this database (along with charts, tables and other quantitative information about FLOSS development projects) in the Melquiades website

FLOSSMetrics is also providing the FLOSS Guide for SMEs (small and medium enterprises), which explains the benefits of FLOSS form SMEs, and how to take advantage of it.

More information about the project, including results and main achievements, can be found in the final report document.


FLOSSMetrics main targets

  • Identify and evaluate sources of data and develop a comprehensive database structure, built upon the results of CALIBRE
  • Integrate already available tools to extract and process such data into a complete platform
  • Build and maintain an updated empirical database applying extraction tools to thousands of open source projects
  • Develop visualisation methods and analytical studies, especially relating to benchmarking, identification of best practices, measuring and predicting success and failure of projects, productivity measurement, simulation and cost/effort estimation
  • Disseminate the results, including data, methods and software
  • Provide for exploitation of the results by producing an exploitation plan, validated with the project participants from industry especially from an SME perspective


FLOSSMetrics Talk at FOSDEM 2009


Talk at FOSDEM 2009 showing the state of the project in early 2009.